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The ring of monkeypox,

There was a suggestions of motivating individual that vaccination help to curtail Monkeypox outbreak. This publication was published by Robert H. Shmerling, Md, He was faulty editor of Harvard health publish.

You might have noticed that there is spread of monkeypox in our continent, and it is huge problems in the most largest economy areas of US, Europe and Australia, including Africa. You might think is probably existing or non existence Disease and how to prevent it. The true to matter is. It is existing spreading far and faster. Where are they common? It common amongst us. It is threat to lower economy countries and a threat to Ukraine, where Russia fighting unprovoked war in modern European country.

Preventive measure or controlling of this outbreak in our existing countries. The case presented is avoiding close contact with individual who may have Monkeypox. However, there method of Vaccination, Called the ring Vaccination for smallpox and Ebola outbreak. These have effective for the monkeypox as well

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