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Care For Them Care Limited, founded in 2020 is a fast growing recruitment service offer assistant, support and we also provide healthcare service agencies staff for health services organisations that provides services for adults and young learning disabilities homes, dementia and mental health residential homes, social care for children and community schools, nursing homes, local community centre for care and local hospitals for throughout England and wales. We have a diversified pool of professionals staff, administrators including a range of well trained nurses, other senior health professionals and all had different experiences in their own field. We provide services for industry levels. Our services staff are expertise and specialist for cleaning services for private and public homes and office units areas at various location. We provide highly trained experienced health service to residential, homes, nursing care, care home, mental and rehabilitation centres. Our clients can be rest assured of focused and dedicated service consistent with industry standard. Our dedicated and experienced personnel are well positioned to provide care to support service users with ailments ranging from dementia, brain injury and rehabilitation, autism spectrum, living with disability and community service. We support young adults suffering adverse effects of drug use who present violent behaviour. Our staff are well trained to manage patient all through the recovery trajectory with the most delicate and committed care.

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Welcome Statement from the CEO/Director to Management team
We welcome you to Care for Them care Limited recruit progressive team. At Care for Them, we have enrolled a robust team of professionals, and Consultants with extensive experience in health care delivery and management. We welcome you to a wonderful family of diverse personalities where excellence and professionalism is our hallmark. and staff. On behalf of the management team, I am pleased to welcome you to join us and experience your career grow in the health care industry. We aim to provide the very best to our clients by ensuring quality training and equipping of our staff. We are able to meet up with your staffing requirement from our diverse group of healthcare professionals.We offer competitive rates in the industry and provide well tailored services to client- organisations. You are welcome, please join us! 

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Meet the people who are making all of our events possible. All of our organisers are passionate about linking people together, and forming lifelong connections. Every event requires immense planning and preparation, and we thank all of our organisers for their hard work. Take a look at the team below, and please reach out if you have any questions.


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